Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The best of me so far

Since 2005, I have trained and managed online reporters as the Managing Editor of a blog Network, started a blog on New Media called Mediavidea and funded a tool for citizen journalism, Bighow. My online presence is a bit spread out and google doesn't help in searching for my online footprint unless you are game for scrolling through 10 pages or more. I had to find a solution to the problem.

Below is a list of links to the better writing I have done online in these past 3 years. I have put categories to make it easy for you to scan. I tend to question things and I think you will notice this slant in this collection - Is the India shining story sustainable? Is storing out data online safe? Are Facebook and Twitter a waste of time? Is iPhone really that great a phone? Why are ignoring the real stories in India? Read on.

Consumer Gadgets and Software

Vista: 13 main problems with Windows Vista
Facebook: 12 main problems with Facebook

iPhone: 8 Important things to know
The Ideal Cellphone feature list

New Media

The A To Z of New Media: 80 useful things to know
30 predictions for New Media
A Quick and Dirty Guide to Media Cliches
My Favorite Internet Manifestos
Mika Brzezinskis Lessons for Journalists
Mathew Effect and How to be a Leader in your Pack
Why content is still not king

Social News

7 Steps to a Successful Social News Site
Quick Content anaysis of Top Social Sites


Digg Bashing: A Roundup
Creating a Digg of Diggs
Digg in Print
Loving Digg…why?
Getting on top of Digg is out, being a top Digg user is in

Web Development

11 things to read before you build your ultimate web site
Creating the Ultimate News Site


Startup is hard in New Delhi
On Barcamp and Bighow, tool for citizen journalism
Bighow: tool for citizen journalism


7 Reasons why Google should buy The New York Times [2006]
Someone please tell Google to buy New York Times already
What you need to compete with Google
10 things ex-Googlers can do

Google: Don't be Evil?

Why Michael Moore's next Target should be Google
Signposts on the slippery path from Good to evil
Will Google be ever Good again?

Online Rights

The Wikileaks FAQ
Bypassing Internet Censorship: A Roundup


Top 7 reasons why you must blog right now
ABCD of Blogging
9 models of Bloggers' Collectives
The only 3 blogs you must read to master blogging
The only 10 SEO blogs you must read to master online marketing
Can Blog posts drive people to suicide?

Business Blogging

How to use blogs in your business

Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is not dead; 7 things you must do
To Succeed Citizen Journalism needs good reporting
The Editor is dead, Long live the Editor
How to promote your local site
The Future on Online News: Analysis, analysis
Awarding Online News: Introducing the Blogitzers

People Lists

Top 25 People Online: People's Choice Edition
100 most powerful people on Internet [Top digg users]


What does India Need most today? Tata Nano or $100 Computer?
Government of India: World's biggest Real Estate Agent?
India Tanking: why didn't anyone tell me all this before?
India Tanking Part 2: The Education Chronicles
India Tanking Part 3: Where have all the business Ideas Gone?
The Indian Superpower has no clothes
A Simple Guide to the Indian Heartland
A Simpleguide to India in 2008
A Simpleguide to most important India facts and rankings
7 Essential Things to know about web 2.0 in India before...

Indian Blogging and Citizen Journalism

A Simpleguide to the Biggest Moments in Indian Blogging
A Simpleguide to Citizen Journalism in India: 3 Part Series
Will Scrabulous make India's first Web 2.0 millionaire?
Making money blogging: India Edition

Blog Networks
An Overview of Blog Networks
The Ultimate Reading List for Aspiring Blog Network Owners
Ethics 101 for Blog Network Owners

Web 2.0

The Confused Person's Guide to Web 2.0
Web 2.0 and its Pied Pipers
The Stop Oversharing T-shirt
How Web 2.0 can change politics

How we are creating one big giant echo chamber
The 10 Pillars of Today's Business

The Future
The Future of Things
Web 2.0 aka Big Brother Aka..
The End of web revolution


The Social Media Search Engine ver 1.0
How to Search Social Media: 50+ ways


Top 5 things I would do if I were in charge of Wikipedia

Media and India

My Media Wishlist for India
Thoughts on covering stories of the Poor in India
What not to learn from the world's largest selling Newspaper


2009 Predictions: What the Internet thinks will happen in 2009
30 Great questions for Web 2.0 in 2008
Hellocompany's Predictions for 2006

Online Journalism and Money

Top 7 ways of making money on the net
Paying users of web 2.0 sites
Four Models of Paying Journalists

Social Networking

9 solid reasons why Email still beats Social Networking
Generation Scan: Are we amusing ourselves to distraction?
When a Facebook user got a job

Social Media

Simplelist: The only 15 blogs on social media you got to read

Blogs to Books

How to turn your blog into a book
The Ultimate test of a Quality Blog
Blogs to Books: Revisited


A Simpleguide to Aamir Khan and his controversies
Gazhini: State-of-the-art Mindless film
Aamir Khan: The Pretender of Gazhini

Mumbai Terror Attacks

A list of timelines of major terrorist attacks in India and in Mumbai
Mumbai Terror Attacks: A relief Directory
How the internet is covering the Mumbai Terror attacks
How the social media can cover live stories responsibly
Mumbai Terror attacks: pros and cons of live coverage

Bihar Floods 2008

Bihar Floods 2008: A relief directory
Bihar Floods: Special Report